Transport is essential to most holidaymakers visiting Cartagena, whether it's getting to and from the airport or for exploring the city and surrounding areas. Some visitors are fortunate to have friends or family living in Cartagena who can drive them about or loan them a vehicle. Those who don't can use the city's public transport, taxis or hire a car or bicycle. Visitors with limited mobility can hire various mobility scooters including folding ones that fit in a car boot. Whatever mode of transport you choose, Cartagena is a wonderful and vibrant city to explore.


Depending on where you're flying from, some visitors will arrive at the closer Murcia-San Javier Airport. This is a pleasure to transit through with a typical Spanish laid back feel. Clearing passport control is usually a breeze, and once through there's a charming wooden outdoor bar where passengers can meet friends or family. The airport has good services, several eateries, car hire and taxis, although there is no bus service whatsoever. Alicante Airport is much larger with more services, numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, and a wider choice of car hire companies. This airport does have a frequent bus service to several towns and cities including Cartagena.

Car Hire

Most visitors will arrange their car hire for collection when they arrive at their chosen airport. This is usually possible upon arrival but it's not worth leaving it to chance, especially during peak summer season. Both airports have a choice of national and international car hire companies. Most independent car hire companies will also arrange to have your vehicle ready at the airport for your arrival. Cartagena Insider always recommend using Coys Rent-A-Car. Visitors that decide they need transport during their stay will find most hotels can arrange this.

Mobility Scooter Hire

Visitors with disabilities will find much of Cartagena City negotiable on a mobility scooter. When choosing to hire a mobility scooter, it's best to decide firsthand whether you wish to just get around the city from your hotel or plan on using a vehicle to travel further afield. The larger mobility scooters are sturdier to ride, have longer battery power and can reach higher speeds. These however are not collapsible to fit in a car boot and will require somewhere safe to park when not in use. For those who have the use of a car, the collapsible ones offer more freedom.

Bicycle Hire

With so many fantastic attractions to visit, a huge port and marinas, and wonderful surrounding countryside, bicycle hire is a great form of transport. While out exploring you have the added advantage of getting some exercise and topping up that holiday tan. Cartagena's closest beach is a fair distance from the city centre but can still be visited by bike or car. Surrounding the city are several natural parks where the hiking trails are great fun to explore on a mountain bike. Most bike hire companies have road and mountain bikes as well as kids bikes and bike accessories.

Cruise Ship Port

Cartagena has one of the only ports in Spain deep enough to accommodate visiting cruise ships. Visitors arriving by cruise ship will find a waterside reception area for meeting passengers and shore excursion groups. Within the port terminal is an information desk, and those meeting passengers with a vehicle will find a handy underground car park beneath Muelle Alfonso XII. Shore excursions are a great way to see the city's popular attractions and landmarks. This is especially the case for cruise passengers who don't have much time to explore the city alone.