Roman Theatre Museum

The Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena is the city's most important historical landmark. With the impressively restored Roman amphitheatre at its heart, the artfully structured museum lies over several levels that reach down towards the port. Cartagena is steeped in history and home to numerous ancient ruins, military fortresses and gun batteries, delightful plazas, monuments and museums. Many discerning visitors spend weeks immersing themselves in the wonderful Roman history of the city. However, should you only have time for a short visit or are a passenger on a cruise ship just docking for the day, a visit to the Roman Theatre Museum is recommended.

Roman Theatre Museum History

It's interesting to know that modern Cartagena was oblivious to this spectacular amphitheatre lying beneath its streets until the late 1980's. It only came to light when the 19th century Palacio de la Condesa de Peralto was demolished and three carved Corinthian columns were discovered beneath the rubble. Following excavation, the task of creating the museum we see today was given to architect Rafael Moneo, and thus emerged some of the most important remains of this old Roman city buried for nearly 2000 years. Today, the museum and amphitheatre attracts thousands of visitors each year and can be explored at leisure or as part of a guided tour group.

Roman Theatre Museum Tour

Exploring the Roman Theatre Museum is a delight. Its ingenious design leads visitors on a journey through time. As you wander from show case to show case the wonderful exhibits trace the history of the amphitheatre. Gradually climbing through the museum's various levels, there are well presented audiovisual displays, models and artefacts. Display panels are in Spanish and English where visitors learn something new at each one. Some visitors become so immersed in this journey through time, they are startled when the sun drenched amphitheatre is revealed. For a minimal fee, keen techies can download a 70 minute audio-guide to their mobile phones.

Regional Artisan Centre

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