Takeaways provide food on the go for residents and holidaymakers exploring Cartagena's superb attractions. They're also handy for those wishing to enjoy a picnic in one of the city's urban parks or for a late night snack after a lively session in one of Cartagena's many bars. The city is home to numerous takeaways, although pizza and kebabs seem to be the most popular. Many locals will forego a takeaway in favour of a tapa or two. Whether to take away or eat in, tapas are by far the healthier option, providing a wider range of tasty treats and often served free with your drink.

Takeaways In Cartagena

Visitors not keen on ‘going native' and fancy takeaways during their stay will find popular favourites such as McDonald's and Domino's. There is also a good choice of kebab outlets in the city. Popular among locals are rotisserie chickens (pollos) cooked to tender perfection. These are either sold in takeaway restaurants such as Mister Pollo or from rotisserie vans, often seen at street markets. They usually also offer marinaded racks of ribs, ham hocks, fries and tasty little roast potatoes. For sweet treats you can't beat delicious fluffy churros, often dipped in chocolate.

Takeaway Suggestions

McDonald's – A firm favourite with resident expats and holidaymakers alike, McDonald's are located on Av. Victor Beltri, and Av. Juan Carlos I on the outskirts of the city centre.

Burger King – Also on the outskirts of the city centre, Burger King will satisfy those who prefer their burger with that char-grilled taste. Located in the Espacio Mediterráneo Shopping Mall.

Domino's Pizza – There are two Domino's takeaways outlets in the city. The closer one to the port area is located on Av. de los Toreros. The other is in the shopping mall on Av. Juan Carlos I. There are several more lesser known pizza takeaways spread throughout the city.

Cartagena Doner Kebap Pizzería – If you can't decide between kebabs or pizza, this place offers both. Located on Calle Salado. There are several other kebab outlets throughout the city.

Mister Pollo Cartagena – Located on Av. Reina Victoria Eugenia, Mr Pollo cooks up delicious roast chickens, ribs, fries, paella and offers a choice of salads.

Churros – These deep fried fluffy, twisty delicious sweet treats are a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Similar in taste and texture to donuts, you will find them throughout the city.


Supermarkets in Cartagena range in size from convenient express stores to large hypermarkets stocking a vast selection of goods. Express stores are found throughout the city and surrounding residential areas.