Scuba Diving Sites

Scuba diving sites in and around Cartagena are some of the best on the entire Costa Calida. Add to this, numerous dive centres offering dive days, scuba diving courses and diving trips, and you have the perfect holiday destination for dive enthusiasts. Scuba diving sites can be found both east and west of Cartagena. Indeed, there is a great shore dive just off Cala Cortina not far from the city centre. For the most diverse scuba diving sites, it's best to head east to Cape Palos. This is just a short drive away in the popular resort area of La Manga and forms part of a marine reserve.

Cartagena Scuba Diving Sites

Dive sites around Cartagena are generally more protected than the Cabo de Palos, Isla Hormigas Marine Reserve. Therefore, relatively new divers or those with less confidence will feel more relaxed diving the Cartagena dive sites. The various sites here range in depth from 5 -40 metres with varying visibility. They include reef, cave, rock, wreck and island dives. All have their own characteristics and some fish species you may see include barracuda, moray eel, rays, octopus, mullet, sea bream, hermit crabs, scorpion fish, pretty seahorses and the occasional sun fish.

Shore Scuba Diving Sites

Shore diving is the most convenient for holidaymakers as they don't need a boat. However, the majority of local dive centres offer all sorts of scuba diving excursions. These are accompanied by qualified instructors, have the option of including equipment, and will have their own dive boat. Cala Cortina is the closest shore dive site to Cartagena city centre. This is great for families as those not diving can swim, snorkel or just sunbathe. You needn't even bring along a picnic as there is an excellent Spanish restaurant overlooking the beach. The dive has an average depth of 8 metres and covers rocks, reefs and the sandy sea bottom where you will see a variety of fish.

Marine Reserve Diving Sites

For the most pristine flora & fauna of the underwater world, you can't beat diving in protected marine reserves. However, divers need to adhere to the strict policy of don't touch or take, just take memories and photos and only leave your bubbles 🙂 There are many marine reserves along Spain's coastline and around some of its islands. One such place, and just a short drive from Cartagena is the beautiful Cabo de Palos & Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve. This is easily reached by road via the N-332 and RM-F43 if diving with a group of friends. Alternately, if booking your dive through a dive centre, they will often lay on transport or pick you up in their dive boat.

Scuba Diving Sites Overview

We have only touched on the availability and diversity of just a few dive options in the waters around Cartagena. There are so many more that are suitable for beginners, experienced and highly experienced divers. For further information on the above dive sites and a whole list of others, be sure to contact Adventure Divers based in the fantastic La Manga Club. These guys are at the top of their game and offer introduction dives as well as many PADI certified courses.

Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba diving courses can be undertaken at several dive centres in Cartagena. Within a short drive from the city centre are further dive centres to choose from.