Flyboarding is a thrilling activity that is literally ‘taking off' in a big way and is available in the resort areas surrounding Cartagena. With the rapid advancement in all sorts of technology, it seems like there's a crazy new invention thought of every day. Flyboarding is one such crazy invention that's rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Cartagena's deep water port is extremely busy with water traffic as it has an important naval base, and is a port of call for cruise ships. Due to this, visitors wishing to enjoy certain water activities will need to travel a bit further afield.

The Concept Of Flyboarding

Invented in 2012 by French professional jet ski racer Franky Zapata, the concept of flyboarding is quite simple. A custom made device, which Franky wisely patented, fits onto the propulsion system of a jet ski. A water hose attaches to the jet ski on one end. On the other end is the board used to flyboard. The rider is attached to the board with a specially designed pair of boots, similar in a way to a snowboard. On either end of the board are downward propelling jets. This gives the rider the lift to fly in and out of the water and perform all sorts of aerial stunts. The patented device allows power to both the flyboard rider and jet ski that follows in the rider's wake.

Flyboarding In Puerto de Mazarrón

Puerto de Mazarrón is located around 40 minutes drive southwest from Cartagena. It's a popular resort town that gets lively in the summer. Each summer Nora Nautic set up their operation on El Almillo Beach. You will see their gazebo on the beach from around 11am each day. They offer a variety of water activities including 4 seat boat hire, jet ski hire and tours, and flyboarding. If you fancy trying more than one activity, check out their exciting discounted Combo Packages. You can book a flyboard session from 10 minutes to a full hour. It's possible to share the 30 minute and hour long sessions with up to 4 people. By sharing sessions you will make great savings.

Flyboarding In Torrevieja

The city of Torrevieja is is located around 50 minutes drive northeast from Cartagena. Again, in the summer months Torrevieja is very popular and boasts two sports marinas. Here you can try your hand at a number of thrilling water sports and activities. Flyboard Torrevieja are located in the first sports marina just behind the Tourist Information Bureau. They also run the super fast  and colourful Jet Boat as well as offering jet ski, parasailing and banana boat rides. They have both flyboarding and jetpack equipment. The jetpack operates the same way as the flyboard except, instead of attaching to your feet, the jetpack attaches to your back leaving your feet free.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a popular activity in Cartagena where riders can experience the natural beauty of the nearby Calblanque Regional Park. Surrounding the city there are also several riding schools.