Regional Artisan Centre

The Regional Artisan Centre in Cartagena is a popular attraction for visitors to the city looking for gift ideas to take home. This is especially the case for cruise ship passengers who don't have much time to explore individual shops and boutiques. Cartagena, with it's sheltered port has been an important centre of trade for over 2,000 years. Due to this fact, the art of hand crafting products has been past down by artisan families over centuries, and their skills remain today.  The Regional Artisan Centre is located on Calle Honda in the heart of the city's old quarter.

Regional Artisan Centre Products

With the Santa Lucía district being the former home to the region's most important ceramics and glass factory, visitors to the centre will find some fine examples of ceramic figurines, wall art and beautiful glass inlaid trinket boxes. There are also wonderful ceramic vases, decorative plates, colourful photo frames, ceramic flowers, needlework boxes, glass clocks and religious crosses. Crafted metalwork, woodwork, paper and textiles also feature highly in the centre. Fans and delicate scarves are a popular buy, and at times the centre stocks tempting local sweet treats.

The Sparkling Lure Of Silver

The Sierra Minera region of Cartagena was once extensively mined for silver during Roman times. Silversmith skills in the fabrication of jewellery and trinkets for trade have been passed down through many generations. Visitors with an eye for hand crafted jewellery and accessories will certainly find something to take their fancy at the Regional Artisan Centre. Some of the silver items on display include necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, trinkets and larger items inlaid with silver. Some of the smaller souvenirs and gift ideas to be found, especially jewellery, is ideal for visitors or cruise passengers with limited luggage space and many friends to please.

Roman Theatre Museum

The Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena is the city's most important historical landmark.