10 Pin Bowling

10 pin bowling provides super family fun and entertainment during a holiday in Cartagena. The majority of us like to get in as much activities, attractions and entertainment as we can during a vacation. This is especially the case for families with young children who seem to have endless energy. Cartagena offers a great selection of entertainment for all ages, and a firm favourite with the young ones is 10 pin bowling. There are two bowling venues  in the city. Ilusiona Bowling is in the large Espacio Mediterráneo Shopping Complex which we've mentioned in a separate article.

10 Pin Bowling In Cartagena

Bowling Carthag is located on Av. Tito Didio on the other side of the RM-F35 from the Cebezo Beaza Industrial Estate. The centre offers visitors 10 professional standard bowling alleys. They each have digital scoring systems displayed on large screens. An assortment of different weight bowls are available and bowling shoes can be hired. There are different bowling special offers on certain days of the week and an excellent full month offer for those who are really keen on 10 pin bowling. They also offer three different combo packs which include bowling, a snack and drink.

Bowling Carthag Other Facilities

During games visitors can enjoy a good selection of soft and alcoholic drinks and snacks in the cafe bar. A big hit at Bowling Carthag is the large and well equipped games arcade area. Here you will find several pool tables, mini soccer and air hockey. Visitors can test their skills on a number of modern pinball machines, and there are also popular arcade games such as Mario Kart. Young children will enjoy the fun games of chance where you can win prizes with redeemable tickets. Bowling Carthag host league tournaments, and they're available for parties and celebrations.