Cartagena Tourist Boat

The Cartagena Tourist Boat offers a picturesque and informative trip around some of the city's most historical landmarks. There are several ways to explore this wonderful old Roman city that reveals its rich history at every turn of its marbled streets. With Cartagena being a major cruise ship destination, when ships arrive in port the tour guides are waiting. Walking tours of the city are one way to see the sights, although you are restricted to an itinerary. Just heading off on foot by yourself gives you more freedom to explore at your leisure. Then you have the Tourist Bus. This takes in the sights of the city while the Cartagena Tourist Boat cruises the port and coast.

Cartagena Tourist Boat
Source: Flickr / Øyvind Holmstad

Cartagena Tourist Boat

The Cartagena Tourist Boat departs and arrives on a regular basis each day from Muelle de Alfonso XII marina. During the tour you not only get to see unique views of the city and port from sea, but many historical points along the way. For much of the city's history, its coveted port has been fought over, evident in the many coastal fortifications and artillery batteries. For many years the port has been an important trading post, connecting Spain with the old Mediterranean trading routes. Two types of guided tour are available. Passengers can remain on board for the duration of the standard tour. Alternately, for a couple of euros more you can stop off for a visit to Fuerte de Navidad (Christmas Fort). This impressive fort is located on the far side of the bay.

Cartagena Tourist Boat Route

  • Depart from Muelle de Alfonso XII Marina
  • Arsenal Militar/Navantia Submarine Yard
  • Castillo de Galeras
  • Batería de Navidad
  • San Juan de la Podadera
  • Batería Trincabotijas
  • Fuerte de Santa Ana
  • Batería de San Isidoro y Santa Florentina
  • Batería de San Julián
  • Batería de San Leandro
  • Puerto de Pescadores
  • Return to Muelle de Alfonso XII Marina

Cartagena Naval Museum

Cartagena Naval Museum is just one of the many historical attractions to be found in this Roman city of old. Cartagena's deep water port has long been one of the most coveted ports on the entire