Mar Menor Mud Baths

The Mar Menor mud baths are great fun, and visiting them from Cartagena can be combined with the many other activities and attractions of this vast lagoon. La Manga and the Mar Menor form a type of inland sea separated from the Mediterranean by narrow fishing channels. The resulting lagoon has become a popular beach playground for many holidaymakers visiting Cartagena. Its sunny shores are lined with towns and villages where lively beach bars ring to the tune of happy holidaymakers. Here you can enjoy numerous water sports and activities. One such activity that doesn't cost a penny is a therapeutic natural spa treatment at the famous Mar Menor mud baths.

Mar Menor Mud Baths

The Mar Menor mud baths lie about 40 minutes drive north east of Cartagena near the town of San Pedro del Pinatar. From the coastal residential area of Lo Pagan, the mud baths form part of a large salt marsh. This juts into the sea with a raised dyke separating the Mar Menor Lagoon from the Mediterranean. At the beginning of the dyke is the old Molino Quintín windmill. From here the raised walkway has several wooden jetties along its length. These have a platform to dry out and steps, allowing easy entry into the mud which lies under about a foot of water.

A Natural Spa Treatment

The gooey black mud is reputed to help cure a number of ailments. A combination of beneficial bacteria, nutrients and certain minerals are what gives the mud its healing qualities. Some medical conditions the mud may help with include broken bones and sprains, arthritis, cuts and rashes, ulcers, eczema and acne. Most visitors like to coat themselves from head to toe in the mud, ending up resembling creatures from the deep. If you are prone to allergies, it's best to just apply a small amount of mud to your skin. if you don't get a reaction, then you are good to go.

Mud Glorious Mud

It's not all about seeking a natural spa treatment when visiting the Mar Menor mud baths. Some visitors, especially the young ones with too much energy to burn, are there for a good old mud fight. Bring along a kid's bucket and spade to collect your mud in, and a washcloth to help clean it off as it is rather sticky and smelly. Once you've had enough muddy fun there's a small beach at the beginning of the dyke. Here you can swim and sunbathe or visit one of the nearby bars for a refreshing drink or snack. For a more exciting bar choice, stop at La Manga on the journey back.

Mar Menor Lagoon

The vast Mar Menor Lagoon is often referred to as an inland sea and makes for a fantastic day out during a holiday in Cartagena.