Hiking in and around Cartagena is an excellent way to explore the countryside, Roman ruins and old artillery batteries while also working off the excess holiday calories. With Cartagena being such an historical city full of tourist attractions, landmarks and impressive architecture, walking its marbled streets reveals a world of wonders. Then you have the surrounding nature reserves and natural parks criss-crossed with an abundance of picturesque hiking trails. Indeed, whether scuba diving the marine reserves or walking the nature trails, Cartagena is wonderful to explore.

Source: Flickr / David Shankbone

City Walks

With its deep port being a popular stop over for cruise ships, there are many walking tours taking in the delights of the city. However, you will need to adhere to a time schedule and go wherever the tour guide has planned for your walk. So, why not throw off the shackles and save a bit of money by touring the city yourself. We won't bore you with a load of walking routes as the best adventures are never planned. Depending how long you have to spend in the city, just decide what area you fancy exploring that day and set off with a good pair of trainers or hiking boots.

Countryside Hiking

Cartagena is literally surrounded by nature reserves and natural parks. Aside from offering abundant natural beauty and fresh air, these countryside areas reveal the city's historical past. Throughout the years, Cartagena's coveted port has been a naval stronghold and heavily fortified from attack. Evidence of this can be seen in the many surrounding fortresses ruins and artillery batteries. The most famous of these is the Batería de Las Cenizas, which is often referred to as the Portman Guns. This is due to its location near the village of Portman. Reaching Portman by car is a rather circuitous journey that takes around 30 minutes, but the area is great for hiking.

Nature Park Hiking

Further along the RM-314 from Portman is the vast resort estate of La Manga Club. The club is recognised as being the largest sports and leisure resort in Europe and worth a visit in its own right. One of the many leisure pursuits they offer is hiking. They have an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding mountains and the nearby Regional Park of Calblanque. When visiting you can either explore the numerous nature trails at random, or go to the club's website and download a hiking route map. To the west of Cartagena are further hiking trails around Campillo de Adentro.